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  • 5 Ways to Gear Up for March Madness Today!

    Gear Up for March Madness!

    The sound of shoes squeaking on the floor. The dejected look on your coworker’s face. The smell of chicken wings in the kitchen. It must be March Madness time! March Madness is the time of year when we forget about how much we miss football and kick back to have fun with our friends.

    Even if you don’t follow college basketball during the season, March Madness is a time when everyone can get in on the fun. From picking their favorite teams in a bracket challenge to throwing a Super Bowl-style party, there’s something for everyone. But you don’t have to wait for the event to begin to start having fun - here are 5 ways you can gear up for March Madness today!

    5 Ways to Gear Up for March Madness

    1. Play a pickup game with friends.

    I don’t know about you, but anytime I watch a sport on TV I immediately want to go out and play. What better way to get out and shoot some hoops than with your buddies. I’ve never been a great basketball player, but I still have an awesome time shooting the ball around with a good group of friends. It’s also a great excuse to get some new gear -performance tees and hoodies for big and tall men, just to name a few.

    2. Plan a March Madness viewing party.

    Having a March Madness party is a great way to get your friends and family together for good eats and drinks. You could go all out by getting a keg and inviting everyone you know or you could keep it low-key by inviting a few close friends for a few beers and hot wings. Since the the tournament spans several weekends, you could do a progressive party where you rotate through various friends’ houses throughout the tourney. This keeps it fun and spreads out the hosting responsibilities. If you are hosting, be sure to look sharp with a fresh look with a new big and tall polo and jeans.

    3. Start a bracket challenge.

    Having your friends fill out a bracket is one of the best ways to stay interested throughout the tourney. You become attached to your teams and to the money you could potentially win, making it a way to keep people on the edge of their seat in every game. Make it even more interesting by throwing in some prop bets, ala the Super Bowl. WIll there be any buzzer-beaters in the first round? Will the winning mascot be an animal? Check out this site for more fun prop bet ideas.

    4. Brush up on your NCAA hoops knowledge.

    If you’re anything like me, odds are you catch the random game here and there, but you probably haven’t been following all of the teams closely throughout the season. Beyond your favorite team, it’s likely that you could use a refresher on all of the teams in the tourney. For a quick rundown of everything you need to know to feel like the smartest one in the room while you watch, visit ESPN’s men’s college hoops site.

    5. Pick your favorite.

    Watching a sporting event is always more fun when you have a favorite to root for. After you’ve done a little research, if you don’t already have a favorite team, pick one that you want to cheer for. Invest in a t-shirt or two for your new favorite team and get on the bandwagon!

    Get Out and Celebrate!

    No matter how you choose to celebrate, we hope you take the time to hang out with friends and family and enjoy the craziness that is March Madness. For more information on this year’s schedule and teams, check out the official tournament site. Here’s to a successful bracket and a stellar March Madness!

  • What to get the Big & Tall Man in your life this Holiday Season

    Whenever another holiday season rolls around Big & Tall men of the world heave a huge sigh of trepidation. Why? Because when it comes to people’s gift wish lists they seem to gravitate toward the standard candy, to the old tried and true socks, ties and oversized cheap Tees.

    Big Man's Land Christmas Blog - Gift Ideas

    So what’s a Big Man supposed to do? So here is our 12 days of the Holidaze list because with all the different holidays, special occasion get togethers, office parties, Christmas inspired weddings to New Year’s Parties there is always some place to go, and let’s face it guys, we need all the help we can get!

    ~~Tech Stuff! Games, games and more games! We love any excuse to buy more games!

    ~~Good quality Polo shirts for seeing the visiting In-Laws.

    ~~Silk type Bowling type shirts for getting away from the visiting In-Laws.

    ~~Nice quality Casual shirts & Hoodies because we know we can’t live in Tee shirts.

    ~~Christmas themed Ugly sweaters (Hey, we've got a sense of humor too!)

    ~~Extra Tall Sleeping bags because it’s not fun looking like a stuffed turkey in a small one.

    ~~Tents made for us Big & Burly types. We’d like not to hunch like that Notre Dame guy.

    ~~A shower head extension. Because again we’d like not to be that hunched fellow.

    ~~Some stylish but manly sweaters for Holiday Pictures. We know you want us looking good.

    ~~Extra Tall Skiing Poles to go with all the great winter gear you’re getting>wink<.

    ~~Sexy accessories like cool golf hats and sensuous scarves for pulling us down for kisses under that there mistletoe.

    ~~A GIFT CARD FROM BIG MANS LAND!!! That way I get to choose something just for me.

    Big Man's Land, Big Man's Land Gift Card

    So there you have it. A short but sweet list for the Holidaze and I hope to see one or more of these under that tree! From everyone here at Big Man’s Land we are hoping you have a safe, warm and pleasant holiday season sharing it with the ones you love.

  • Getting a Good Fit with Big and Tall Clothes

    BML, Big Man's Land, Blog, Getting a Good Fit with Big and Tall Clothes, Big & Tall, Big & Tall Clothing, Up to 6XLT! Getting a Good Fit with Big and Tall Clothes


    Few things can feel quite as frustrating as buying clothes online that you think will look great only to find out that they do not fit properly when they arrive.  Too many big guys don’t want to go through this process and end up buying poorly fitting clothes. Many of us here at BigMansLand feel your pain. We have gone through the process ourselves of having to send the clothes back for a different size, hoping that you get it right the next time. To make matters worse, two different manufacturers will give you the same size but you will often find that their XXLs fit differently! So what’s a Big Man to do? Here are a few tips and tricks for you or that Big Man in your life!

    thetallestmanfact (7)

    ~~Buying clothing labeled as being made for the Big and Tall Lad often eliminates the need for custom tailoring.
    ~~If you are bigger in the chest, than the belly – look for “fitted” shirts or even “Trim-Fit”, “Modern-Fit” or “City-Fit” shirts which taper a little more in the belly, so you don’t look like Omar the Tent Maker sewed your clothes.
    ~~On the other hand, if you are bigger in the belly than the chest, be sure to avoid the above list!  Instead choose those items marked Big or Big and Tall. ~~Getting a medium heavy to heavy weight fabric will smooth your silhouette and give a more flattering lay to the fabric. Wearing an undershirt – one size smaller – also helps provide a smoother flattering drape to the shirt. Look for some light weight, absorbent undershirts that do a big man good. And performance blend fabric or mix of cotton and polyester moisture wicking fabric can provides extra comfort and the fabric doesn’t relax like cotton when wet or hot.  Cotton undershirts are also a classic comfortable option.
    ~~When buying T-shirts – don’t buy them small – just buy them with a medium to heavy fabric.
    ~~Darker colors and non-horizontal patterns are best. But interesting prints on lighter colors can also keep the eye distracted from the bumpy canvass underneath.
    ~~Make sure your tie goes to your belt – do not let a visual space exist between tie and belt – it does nothing but call attention to your belly.
    ~~Invest in some collar extenders if you need to .  You’ll look better and be more comfortable.
    ~~Wear a belt! Medium width is best – and don’t try that new white belt with white shoes thing – that is not for you.
    ~~Experiment with different hair styles (both head hair and facial hair) which bring more attention to your facial features, smile, and eyes. Keep the hair (head and facial) impeccable. Take pride in your appearance.  Confidence and care are attractive.
    ~~Look confident and make appropriate compliments about others – it will set a positive tone that will increase your confidence.


    BML, Big Man's Land, Big & Tall, Big & Tall Clothing, Up to size 6XLT Looking Good MEANS Feeling Good!


    These are some of the most simple and basic tips that every man should know. So, whenever you go for shopping next time, keep these simple things in mind and choose your dress accordingly.

    Tips for the Tall Man or Stately Fellow

    If you are tall, the first most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should avoid wearing vertical striped shirts. Shirts having horizontal strips should work well for you. If you are not only tall but also lean, you should not wear tight shirts and jeans. Baggy dress will not work for you either. A perfect fit, not too tight and not too loose is best. Relatively fit shirts with wide collars are best and your pants should extend through out your length. In winter, sweaters would be an excellent choice for you but again, not too tight. One or two buttoned suits are your best choice.  Three button suits will make you look taller.   Avoid dark colors and try to build a wardrobe with a combination of colors.

    Dress4BodyTypeTips for the Short or Short and Girthy Gentleman

    If you are short in height, you should not wear long jackets and shirts with wide sleeves. If you don’t want to look short, wearing shirts with vertical stripes will compliment your figure but, keep in mind that the stripes should not be very wide. As far as colors are concerned,  black and dark colors are a good choice because they will make you look and feel tall. Wear suits that have two or three buttons and keep the first button open. As far as ties are concerned, using small knots in ties is also a good dressing technique for short guys.

    Tips for the Husky Man or Gentle Giant

    The most important thing that Big guys should do is to make people look at your face rather than your tummy. Many dressing tips can help you with that. Wearing shirts with pointed collars can help a bit. Wearing dark colors and a medium or light weight fabric with a thin undershirt will provide a smooth flattering look. Vertical stripes can also make a big difference in your looks. Avoiding shirts with horizontal or diagonal stripes is usually best.

    Chris Christoffersen, 7'2 Tall, Basketball Player, Big & Tall Clothing, BML, Big Man's Land Chris Christoffersen, 7'2 Tall, Basketball Player


    Tips for the Thin Man or the Tall Man who is Thin

    Wearing clothes that fit well but are not skin tight will give the most flattering fit.  This applies to both long and short sleeve shirts. Shorter jackets vs long jackets are a better choice.. Try to avoid vertical stripes because they will make you look even thinner. If you like vertical stripes choose the wider ones. Horizontal and diagonal stripes in shirts are a good option. As far as pants are concerned, you should prefer pants with flat fronts. Jeans are best worn not too baggy and not tight.


    BML, Big Man's land, Big & Tall Clothing, Up to size 6XLT! Picking the right fabric for the right job is just as important as choosing the right size and color.


    Dressing well is not just about wearing expensive suits. Your daily choice of dress is an opportunity to show your individual style and confidence.   Using some of these tips can help you look good and  highlight your individual style while minimizing areas  you don’t want noticed.   So, keeping in mind some basic dressing tips can help you to look and feel confident every day. These are some basic tips for men for choosing the right sort of dress according to their physique.


    Remember here at Big Man’s Land we have been in your shoes and are here to help. If you have any questions please check out our detailed Sizing Charts, email us or better yet, chat with us live while shopping, We look forward to helping you find the perfect fit.

    Big & Tall Size Charts, Big & Tall Fit, Big & Tall Clothing, Big & Tall Tailoring, Big & Tall Alterations, Big & Tall Measurements, Big Man's Land

  • Spring Cleaning: Out with the Old and in with the New.

    Clean closet

    Gentlemen, it’s time. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and the NCAA action is heating up. It all means one thing: Time to clean out your closet. Seriously, a well-spent half hour at the beginning of the season will simplify your life for months to come. Think of it this way: it will take a fraction of the time it would take to clean out the garage (we know that’s on your to-do list) and the reward is almost as great.

     Let’s get started. First, set aside half an hour with no interruptions. You want to be able to stay focused. Now, take all your clothes out of the closet – everything. Make three piles: Keep, Donate, and Toss. Working quickly, go through each item and ask yourself the following questions. Does it fit? Do I like it? Is it in good shape? A negative to any of these questions lands the piece in the Donate or Toss pile. So does anything you haven’t worn in year. Automatic suspension.

     The key is to be fast – and decisive. If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of something – a good suit, or a sweater your mother-in-law made – box those up, with the promise that you’ll reevaluate in six months.

     Worried that you won’t have anything left to wear? BigMan’sLand wouldn’t let that happen to you! As you’re sorting through your stuff, you’ll probably notice that there are a few things you wear all the time. Make note of what you just tossed because it was worn to nothing.

    Now comes the fun (and easy) part: replenishment. You want to replace the items you either don’t wear or have worn out with great-fitting, good looking, versatile pieces. Don’t worry – this does not require a trip to the mall. We have some great suggestions, and they’re just a mouse click away.

    If you finally tossed your favorite pair of jeans, check out our great denim jeans by Grand River. They are a BigMan’sLand customer favorite for a reason. Need a good pair of casual pants? You can’t do better than the twill pant by Falcon Bay. It comes in four colors and multiple inseam lengths, so you’ll get a great look and fit.

    Chances are your short sleeve tees were in a pretty sad state. Stock up on the Big Men’s 100% Cotton Classic Solid Tee. It’s a great weight and comes in over 30 colors. And you cannot beat the price.

    A half zip cotton sweater by Cutter and Buck is both practical and stylish – and the perfect weight for cooler spring days. It will take you comfortably from work to weekend, ensuring a lot of use.

    At BigMan’sLand, we’re big believers in versatility. That’s why we love the Olympia Jacket by Tri-Mountain. It’s a lightweight three-in-one style jacket with a zip-out vest that can be worn on its own. Consider making a space in your new clean closet for this great piece of outwear.

    And you’re done! Thirty minutes of work and five minutes shopping on BigMansLand.com and you’re set to enter the new season with an organized closet full of great clothes you’ll love to wear.

    Houzz clean closet

  • ‘Tis the Season for Big and Tall Outerwear!

    When the temperature starts to drop, we want our customers to be prepared. If your winter wear could use an update, Big Man’s Land is the place to shop for big and tall outerwear.

    We offer a wide selection of big and tall hoodies, sweats, jackets and more to keep you warm, comfy and stylish throughout the winter.  Stay active in windproof warm up pants and jackets; zip up with quality fleeces and premium sweatshirts from name brands like Reebok and Sport-Tek. Venture into the great outdoors with our heavyweight thermal sweatshirts, insulated jackets and vests.


    Find all the big and tall outerwear you need in colors and fabrics you love. We offer many different colors in sizes up to 6XL and 6XL TALL and some styles up to 10XL. Big Man’s Land is here to provide you with the style and the fit that you may not be able to find in a regular department store.

    Jackets aren’t all you’ll need to stay warm. Don’t forget about the accessories! Bundle up with extra wide comfort fit socks; fleece gloves, cashmere scarves and rib knit beanies. Big Man’s Land has all the extras to keep you covered during the cold winter months.

    One of the biggest concerns of our customers is finding the right size. Detailed size charts are available for each and every one of our products so you know that you’re getting the perfect fit with every order. Don’t struggle through shopping; enjoy it! Our goal is to make each customer feel relaxed and comfortable from the purchase process through the delivery and long afterwards.

    Start shopping at Big Man’s Land today for a quality selection of big and tall outerwear including jackets, hoodies, sweats and all the accessories you need to stay warm and comfy this season!





  • Bundle up this season with big and tall hoodies

    Bundle up this season with big and tall hoodies


    As the leaves start to change and the weather turns brisk, you may need to reach for the warmer items in your closet. And after a year in storage, some of them may be a little worse for the wear. Spruce up your chilly weather wardrobe at Bigmansland.com. We offer a great selection of big and tall hoodies and sweatshirts from designer brands like Columbia, Reebok and Eddie Bauer.


    No matter what you need to stay warm this season, Big Man’s Land has got you covered…literally! Find simple cotton blend zip-up hoodies or hooded pullover sweatshirts that are perfect for lounging around the house, or venture into the great outdoors with a hooded Raglan jacket. All of our big and tall hoodies are versatile, comfortable and designed to keep warmth in and the cold weather out. Whether you’re looking for a fleece lined hoodie with zippered pockets or a polyester suede blend with rib knit cuffs, we’ve got the size, the selection and the style you need.


    At Big Man’s Land, we believe a big and tall stature deserves quality clothing with comfort and flair. That’s why we offer the brands you love in a size that fits. We carry plenty of big and tall hoodies and sweatshirts in XL sizes for an affordable price. Find up to 6XL TALL & 10XL in the stylish designs and signature brands.


    To top it all off, we make the purchase process easy. Order online with our simple shopping cart or call us toll free at 1-888-334-9464. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and enthusiastic customer service team that is standing by to answer your questions and improve your shopping experience. A satisfied customer is our number one goal, and we look forward to serving you!

  • We’re Feeling Like a New (Big) Man!



    Welcome to Bigmansland.com, you’re #1 source for big and tall clothing online. If you’re a new or returning customer, boy are you in luck! We’ve just re-designed our entire website to be bigger, better and more user friendly than ever!

    Our new site (like our products) was designed with you in mind. We’ve made it even easier to find all the big and tall clothing you’re looking for. You’ll also find plenty of other updated features and benefits, such as:


    • Product Compare: When it comes to shopping, knowledge is power! Now you can see how items really stack up by comparing products side by side. Compare size specifications, colors, features and price points to help you easily find the perfect item.


    • Wish List: Have you ever found the perfect jacket…in July? You may not remember it once fall rolls around.  Or, your family and friends want gift ideas for your birthday, the holidays, or a special occasion.  Now you have an easy tool to store your favorite items and share them with others.  Keep track of all your favorites with our new ‘wish list’ feature! Here you can stock up on all the products you love.  Now they’ll be waiting whenever you or others are ready to buy.


    • Product Filter:  Want easy and efficient shopping?  Know just what you’re looking for?  Use our new Product Filter feature to select items by color, size, price, and other features for a convenient shopping experience.


    • Easier Returns: If for some reason your BigMansLand items aren’t everything you imagined, we’ve made returning them even simpler.   Simply click on “Returns and Exchanges” in the footer of any page.  This will take you to a screen to log into your account.  When in your account simply select the order from your order history, open it, and click on the Request RMA button at the top right of your order history screen.  No more waiting for a return email.  Return authorizations will be sent immediately.


    • Blog:  We’ve added a blog section so we can help keep you up to date on fashion options, new store features for easier shopping, new products, and sometimes just some fun sharing.  We care about you and we’ll use this area to share.


    …and that’s just the beginning. We don’t plan on stopping here. We will continue to refine and improve your shopping experience as best we can. Have any ideas? We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us with any feedback on the new store setup and features.  Ideas and feedback can be sent to us by clicking on Contact Us here, or at the header or footer of any page.


    Now go ahead…let the show begin, click here to start using our new features!

  • Big and Tall Shirts for Any Occasion

    As a big and tall guy, it’s important to find the right fit.  Don’t settle for average when your stature is not.  Whereas broad shoulders, long legs and a robust build may be difficult to shop for in some stores, the clothing at BigMan’sLand was selected for men like you. We pride ourselves on a wide selection of big and tall shirts that not only match your size, but also suit your personality.

    Stay comfortable and stylish out on the golf course, enjoy a casual day at the office or go for a fun family outing in one of our big and tall polo shirts. We carry designer styles like Cutter & Buck, Reebok and TR Gold.

    Our big men’s shirts have every occasion covered. Mesh and polyester performance fabrics are perfect for burning up the basketball court or going for a bike ride, and our comfy organic cotton blends are great for relaxing at home. Find your signature style in a size that fits.

    We’ve also got big men’s basic t-shirts for everyday wear and graphic tees for those who like making a statement. Find a wide variety of custom styles with funny sayings and creative graphics to match a quirky personality.

    We want to make shopping easy…and fun! That’s why we include a sizing chart for each one of our products, so you know that you’re getting the right fit the first time. No hassles, no surprises, just great quality clothing at an affordable price. You can order online or over the phone at 1-888-334-9464. Our customer service team is happy to help you!

    Shop with ease for big and tall shirts at the store designed with you in mind, shop at bigmansland.com today!

  • Finding the Best Fit

    At Bigmansland, we understand it can be challenging to find a perfect fit online, so we’ve developed some tools which we hope will help you with the process.

    First, depending on what you’re shopping for, you’ll need your measurements for a few key fit points: your chest, waist, sleeve length and inseam.  It’s difficult to get accurate results if you measure over your clothes, so you might consider wearing under garments only for this process.

    For your chest, measure underneath your arms with your arms at your side.  Be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.  For your waist, stand up straight and then bend to one side to find the natural crease of your waist: that’s where to measure.  For your inseam, choose a favorite pair of pants at home that fit you well.  Lay them on a flat surface and measure the inseam.   This same kind of approach also works well for sleeve length.  Choose a long sleeve shirt that fits you well, lay it face down on a flat surface, and measure from the center, just below the collar to the end of the sleeve.

    Keeping track of these numbers will be the key to finding the right size for you. Once you find an item you like, open the size chart on the product page. Locate your body measurements on the size chart to determine what size you should buy.  The size chart can be found by clicking on the size chart icon for each product. Go to sizing chart

    Remember: sizes often vary from brand to brand.  As a general rule of thumb, tall sizes are usually at least two to three inches longer than regular sizes, but sometimes it’s more.  Be sure to double check the size chart for your item just to be sure.

    After you have a couple items selected you may find the “Compare” feature useful.  You can add products to Compare by clicking on the  icon, or just under the Add to Cart tab you'll see Add to Compare.  Simply click on either of these areas and that item will be added to the Compare box.  When you're ready to Compare your items go back to the Compare section and click on Compare All.  This will enable you to compare the specifications of both items side-by-side.  You'll see specifics like sleeve length, colors available, size ranges, etc.

    Most of all, our dedicated customer service specialists are here to help if you have any questions, so don’t hesitate to be in touch if we can be of service.  Click on Contact Us to reach us any time!

  • Spring Forward - Layer up & Batter Up!

    Batter up!  Time for ... baseball, grilling out with family and friends, and finding more time to be active or relax.  Whatever Spring means for you, from work to weekends, or your next vacation, BigMansLand has you covered.

    Stay dry from spring rains in the stylish Big Mens Quantum Soft Shell Jacket by Port Authority.  Take on light wind and rain in this hi-tech yet classic style.   Big Mens Quantum Soft Shell Jacket by Port AuthorityClick here to view full details on this versatile jacket.

    Layering is also key in spring.  Show your unique style with our custom Graphic T's or stock up on classic crew necks that can take you from work to play.  Good news is, finding the perfect shirt that suits your frame is easy at BigMansLand.  With sized up to 6XL TALL and 10 XL you'll find just the right fit.  Performance fabric options are also available to keep you cool and comfortable in the warm days ahead.  Click here to shop for just the right shirt.

    As always, drop us a line if we can do anything to help you find exactly what you're looking for.  Our customer service team is available from 9AM-5PM (CDT), Monday-Friday at 888-334-9464, or click here to contact us by email.

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